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Feel like going to the cinema but you don’t know which movie to go watch? Laying on your sofa without a clue of what you’re in the mood for? Or maybe you’re in need of the kind of inspiration that only cinema can give? I’m here to give you all the advice you need!

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  • A man with a big, blond moustache looking suspiciously at someone.
  • A lady in her 60s holding a knife.
  • A black haired man looking sad.
  • Santa Claus getting drunk to get through Christmas night.
  • A chinese lady looking scared. It looks like the lense of the camara recording is cracked.
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Film Reviews

Forthright film reviews for people with little time to spare, followed by longer and more detailed film reviews for people with a deeper interest in a specific movie or the topic of cinema as a whole.

Film Collections

In this section you’ll find different selections of films arranged by theme, style, fails, moods… Basically any random criteria that crosses my mind. Hopefully, it will help you in your nights of indecisiveness in front of Netflix 😉

  • A couple looking up at the sky, from the animation horror film The Corpse Bride.

Film Inspiration

Ideas for film marathons and useful How to’s to transform watching any film into a memorable experience that you and your loved ones will remember for ever!

Mint Chinese Film Festival 2024

If you are curious about Chinese cinema, but don’t know where to start, this is definitely the section for you. Here, you will find reviews for some of the works exhibited in the second edition of MintCFF, an incredible women-organised film festival dedicated to Chinese cinema.

The Oscars 2024

If you missed some of the Oscar films nominated for the 2024 ceremony, but are not quite sure whether they’re worth watching at all or not, get a quick idea of what they’re like right here! No muss, no fuss.

Whether you’re busy, have the attention span of a fly or are in a hurry to find a nice film recomendation, this is the place for you!

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